K-9 First Aid Class

I am now certified in canine first aid, including CPR, after training by the Colorado CPR and AED, based in Denver.

Don Ponce, and Eric “Odie” Roth (author of K-9 Medic, How to Save Your Dog’s Life During an Emergency), provided training last weekend in Nebraska for anyone interested in becoming certified in dog first aid.

While most who attended this workshop already work with animals full time, including rescuers, shelter workers, pet sitters, dog walkers and others, the course was open to the public. Anyone with an interest in dogs was welcome to take the training.

Students were given hands-on, guided instruction using dog mannequins which were created to simulate actual emergency situations, much like human training models which have been in use for years.

While training is necessary to become certified, anyone can learn valuable knowledge that could save a dog’s life some day, just by reading Roth’s book.

To learn more about this topic and to order the book, visit their web site at http://www.K9FirstaidandCPR.com

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